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3 feet/

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Q: In netball a player cannot intercept a pass if the are how many feet away?
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How do you get an interception in netball?

Basically, all you have to do, is stand on the side of them (far enough away that they will think you wont be able to intercept), but just as the ball comes, jump sideways and forwards and catch the ball!

How close can you get to a player in netball?

you can't move with the ball in your hand and i think you have to stay one meter away from them

In netball how far away do you have to stand when defending?

while playing netball and your defending another person, you have to stand three feet away in other terms a metre away.

What is a rule in netball?

One of the rules in netball is the obstruction rule. This is where a player is less than a meter away from a player on the other team. However this only applies if the opposing player has the ball. If the umpire calls obstruction then a free pass is taken and the perpetrator has to stand by the player's (the player who is taking the pass) side until they throw the ball. xx

Why is slope intercept form called slope intercept form?

because right away you can tell the slope and y-intercept

What is dodging in netball?

to get away from your opponent/the person marking you

How far away from each other must opposing players stand in netball?

The rule is that you have to be able to fit a Defending player between you and the receiver of the pass. That is about 0.9metres or 3 feet

What is upstruction in netball?

obstruction is when you are not 4 feet away from the person

How far must you stand away from someone in netball?

1 meter

What is the difference between contact and obstruction in netball?

Both are similar in the fact the person who contacts or obstructs is out of play and the opposing team gets a penalty pass. Netball is a non-contact sport, so contact means you are touching the player or the ball while the player has the ball. Obstruction means while defending a player with your arms up, you need to be 3 feet (0.9 metres) away from the player with a ball. If you get called for obstruction you aren't standing 0.9 metres.

What do you need to be a successful player of netball?

good strong chest passes dodging pivoting well good communication with team players (good shooter) getting the ball - defending make quick passes. try to get away from your player when your team has the ball.

When is it bad to intercept the football in football?

One example of when it's bad to intercept is when the player intercepts the ball in their own territory but then suddenly loses the ball either by fumble or being stripped and allows the other team to score easy. If a player is not going to hold onto the ball, then it is bad for him to intercept. Another example is when it is 4th down, and the quarterback throws the ball far down the field. If you intercept it, you get the ball back where you caught it (or where you get tackled). If you just bat the ball away so that the other team can't catch it, then you get the ball where the play started, which is better for your team. (This assumes a few things, like that there is still time left in the game, and that you are going to get tackled soon after you intercept the ball, but the basic idea is true.) There are also extremely rare times when a defensive player has run out of bounds, and is therefore ineligible to intercept a pass or recover a fumble, where he is the first defensive player to touch the ball. When this occurs, he can let the pass fall incomplete, or allow a teammate to make a legal interception, or catch the ball legally after it is touched by another player.