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Yes, if you push him out of bounds while he has the ball, it is your ball. Or a change of possession if that is easier to understand

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yes but only in a ground ball situation otherwise the ball will be given to the other team

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Q: In men's lacrosse can you push a player out of bounds and gain possession of the ball?
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In lacrosse if a ball is shot and a player is chasing down the ball it goes out-of-bounds and they're closest to it does that player get credited for a GROUND BALL stat?

no they do not their team just receives possession

Who get possession of the ball after a loose ball in basketball?

if the ball goes out of bounds then the team that threw it out of bounds doesnt get it

Ball in players possession however ball outside pilon. is this a touchdown?

As long as the player is not ruled out of bounds it is a touchdown. The goal line technically extends past out of bounds.

When a player steps on the out of bounds line and is then bumped out by a defender what is the call?

When a player steps on the out of bounds line, the ball is out of bounds and the opposing team will get possession. It doesn't matter if a defender commits a foul afterwards, the ball was out of bounds first, so this is the call.

In football on a punt when ball is fumbled and goes out of bounds last touched by kicking team player who is awarded possession of ball?

receiving team

If a player is out of bounds and another player throws the ball off him who is it out on?

The player that is out of bounds when the ball touches him.

If you get out of bounds in lacrosse the other team does what?

If your team has the ball/you go out of bounds with the ball, it will be given to the other team. If you go out of bounds, but you're not the one with the ball, doesn't really matter. But, there's really no point in doing that.

Do both feet have to be in bounds for college?

No. College football only requires a player to be in possession of the ball and have one foot inbounds.

Can you bobble the football to the ground in football?

In order to complete a catch, a receiver must maintain possession throughout the entire process. In the field of play, the ball can be bobbled so long as the player ends the catch in bounds with control of the ball. However, if a player does not have full possession of the ball as he goes out of bounds, or the catch is in any way aided by the ground, it is considered incomplete.

What is a turnover in Lacrosse?

its when possession of the ball is switched from one team to another

At what times is someone in possession of the ball considered out of bounds if ones knee goes down in bounds but the ball hits out of bounds?

If his knee touches inbounds, he is considered tackled in the field of play, regardless if the the ball ends up out of bounds. The clock will continue to run

Why is it legal to throw the ball off of another player when you are about to fall out of bounds in basketball?

Because the play is called a pass or a save and is always legal. The rule that applies most is the one that states that possession goes to the other team when a player touches the ball last prior to landing out of bounds. Moreover, it takes skill to place the ball on the opposing player with sufficient velocity and in such a way as to insure he will not be able to gather it up and cost YOU a change of possession.