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WHIP is a pitcher's statistic that means the pitchers walks (W), plus hits (H) allowed per innings pitched (IP).

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Q: In mayor league baseball what does the stat for pitchers the whip mean?
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What does the h mean in baseball pitchers stats?


What does Triple Crown mean in Major League Baseball?

The Triple Crown is awarded to a Major League Baseball player who is ranked first in three major categories. For hitters it is batting average, home runs and runs batted in. For pitchers it is earned run average, wins and strikeouts.

What does NF mean in baseball pitchers stats?

It stands for "nasty factor" - on MLB.COM anyway.

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Combined Shutout. Shutout using 2 or more pitchers.

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MLB = Major League Baseball :)

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What is war in baseball stats mean?

Wins above replacement. How many wins a player would give a team as compared to a replacement or minor league player at that position. Different statistics are used for pitchers and position players.

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MLB stands for Major League Baseball!

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The MLB means Major League Baseball

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