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If overtime is sudden death, there would be no extra point. The game would end when the touchdown is scored. If overtime is based on time, and not sudden death, the penalty would be assessed on the kickoff

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Q: In llnois high school football when kicking an extra point in overtime the penalty is roughing the kicker the kick is good what is the penalty if the kicking team takes the extra point?
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IN professional football roughing the passer is a penalty?

Yes, roughing the passer is a penalty. It calls for a 15 yard penalty on the offending team.

In professional football which of these offenses incurs a 15 yard penalty?

Roughing the passer

What is the penalty for kicking the football on the ground if the snap is been bad?

15 yards for illegally kicking a loose ball.

Roughing the kicker. If a punt is blocked can you hit the punter without getting a penalty for roughing the kicker?

Yes, if the ball is deflected there can be no roughing/running into the kicker penalty. Also, if the punter drops the snap there can be no penalty.

What happens when a defensive player ruffs up a quarterback in football?

The foul is called "roughing the passer" and the penalty is 15 yards against the defense.

What Happend after you throw a football?

-wait to see whoever you throw it to catches it -might get a late hit resulting in a 15-yard roughing the passer penalty

What is the number one penalty in football?

Um Maybe roughing the passer horse collar pass interference face mask roughing the kicker that is all the 15 yard penalties i know so far stay tune for more

What year was a 15 yard penalty instituted for roughing the passer?

1938 was when roughing the passer rule was enacted in the NFL.

Is there roughing the quarterback if he drop kicks?

If the quarterback were to drop kick he would become a kicker and not a quarterback. The roughing the quarterback penalty would change to roughing the kicker.

How many yards is the penalty for roughing the passer?

15 yards

Who was the only fullback to get penalty for roughing the tackler?

Larry Csonka

What hockey item starts with k?

A kicking penalty results from the act of kicking an opponent. It is a match penalty.