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Q: In little league baseball is a foul ball considered a strike?
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What is the strike range for little league baseball?

From The Name On The Jersey To The Knees.

In major league baseball is a foul ball considered a strike?

Unless the foul occurs on the second strike, in which nothing is called then yes.

Is a strike considered a foul in baseball?

No, however a foul is considered a strike if you have one or none strikes.

What is the strike zone in Major League Baseball?

the strike zone is wherever the umpire says

When was last Major League Baseball Strike?

1994 -1995

What year did Major League Baseball strike?


When bunting in Little League does the batter have to remove the bat from the strike zone or is this considered offered at or attempt?

In little league like the majors when bunting and you miss the pitch it is a strike. It depends on the umpire; if he thinks the batter offered at the pitch, he will call the strike. Simply holding the bat in the strike zone is not offering at the pitch unless the umpire decides that. It is a safer bet to teach your batters to pull the bat out of the strike zone if they decide to not bunt at the pitch.

When did Major League Baseball players strike and why?

because they felt like it

What is considered a strike in softball?

Just like regular baseball, a strike is from the waists to the shoulders up.

What year was the Major League Baseball strike?

The players' strike that killed the World Series was during the 1994 season.

Can you run on the the third strike in Major League Baseball?

Only if the catcher doesn't catch it in the air.

Why did the 1994 baseball season get cancelled?

The players union was engaged in unsuccessful bargaining with major league baseball, and they decided to go on strike.

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