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pressure points, and quick.

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Q: In karate why is a short time of the applied force advantageous?
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What is the difference between impulse and force?

Impulse is the force applied on an object multiplied by the time during which the force is applied. To illustrate the difference, a large force applied during a short time may have a lower impulse than a smaller force applied for longer.

How specialization advantageous?

Specialization is advantageous because a single task can be done in a short time and very well.

If the magnitude of applied force falls short of required centripetal force then the object will move away from the centre of the circle?

Yes. It would spiral away such that the radius of rotation will increase, until the radius is large enough for the centripetal force to decrease to the applied force. (Centripetal force= mv2/r)

What are the vests for karate called?

"DOGI" Gi for short.

What early 80's tv show had a karate man in a van?

You may be referring to a short lived TV show called The Master. It was ninjitsu, not karate.

Is a weak nuclear force a short or long range force?

It's a short range force.

What is is unbalanced force in a short story?

what is an unbalanced force in a short story

Does learning karate makes someone short?

No, that is would learning anything make you shrink?

Can short circuit occur when power is not used?

No because a circuit without power applied can only be shown to be a short circuit after the power is applied between the 'right' two points.

What kind of dog is in the karate dog movie?

I'm Not exactly sure, but the closest i can get is the skye terrier. The Skye Terrier has short legs like the welsh corgi, unlike the dog in Karate Dog.

What is impulse in physics?

Einstiens law of relativity. That does not relate to impulse. Impulse equates to a change of momentum, usually thought of as for a very short time, but doesn't have really to be so short. Now since force = mass times acceleration =m.dv/dt, you can write that as d/dt of mv, so force =rate of change of momentum So force times time (or its integral over time, which is the same thing) must equal simply the change of momentum. In the case where it a very short time, all that happens is that the momentum changes instantaneously.

How force is related to acceleration?

Force is equal to Mass times Acceleration. So if you are given an equation where you know two of the three variables you can find the third. You can also manipulate the equation as needed.