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Well it depends on how long you can last.

But the normal regulation for any level of football is four quarters (Not including Over Time)

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Q: In how many football quarters can you play in one night?
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Does high school football play quarters or periods?

In high school football they are classified as quarters.

How many hours play is football?

If you are speaking of American football, the the answer is that they play four 15 min. quarters, However with halftime and commercial breaks the televised game is approx. 3-31/2 hours.

How many times did the Dallas Cowboys play on monday night football in the 1990's?


How many minutes of actual play in super bowl?

60 mins. four 15 mins quarters just like any other football game

Do you know how many halves are in a quarter in a football game?

There are four quarters with a halftime period that follows the second quarter in ncaa football.

How many quarters are in a soccer match?

There are no quarters in Association Football, a match is divided into two halves.

Does ESPN decide what teams will play monday night football by how good they are?


How many quarters must you play to letter?

Ask your school.

What player has play the most Monday night football games?

Brett Farve

How many quarters can a freshman play when he plays with the junior varsity and varsity also freshman?

This depends upon the rules of the state high school athletic association. For example, in Indiana a high school football player is limited to five quarters of participation per week. In Georgia, it's six quarters. In Montana, it's ten.

What was the reasons for introduction of the night lights at stadiums?

Night lights were introduced at stadiums as they now play matches at night, like cricket and football.

How many quarters can a kid play in a high school football games?

All four quarters if the kid is a blue chipper, or even if hes just a necessity for the team. There is no limit. There were several seniors on my team last year who never left the field, special teams and all.