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The length of a race horse.

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Q: In horse racing what is meant by one length?
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What is a Horse Racing length?

A length used in Horse Racing is the length of 1 horse. Say a horse won by one length then the horse that came second would be in line with the end of the winning horse, if it won by two lengths then another horse could fit into the winning gap. A length is 1/5th of a second as horse racing is measured in 5th's of a second.

What measure of length in horse racing is one eighth of a mile?

a furlong

How many inches equals one length?

If you are talking about horse racing, then one length is how long a horse is, but there is no real measurement of a 'length'. A regular horse size is 100 inches, or about 12-15 feet.

In horse racing how many lengths would a horse win by if they won by one second of time?

a neck length

Where can one participate in horse racing handicapping?

There are many places where one can participate in horse racing handicapping. One can participate in horse racing handicapping at places such as British Horseracing and Horse Race Game.

In horse racing how long is a length?

A length is a unit of measurement used in horse racing. It refers to the length of a horse from nose to tail, approximately 8 feet,[1] and is used to describe the distance between horses in a race. Horses may be described as winning a fraction of a length, such as half a length, but distances smaller than one quarter length are described as a "neck", a "head", a "short head" or a "nose". These terms are more descriptive than scientific.Wikipedia

Where can one watch free live horse racing online?

Someone wanting to watch horse racing live could use the website called Horse Racing UK which provides a free live service for horse racing. Alternatively, "Watch Horse Racing" also provides this service.

Where could one learn about horse racing gambling?

One can learn about horse racing gambling from different ways. The best way to learn about it is to check some online webpages that has published various articles about horse racing gambling. Horse beating system on Horse Hats and betting on horse racing on Dummies are some examples.

Where can one find information on today's horse racing lineup?

There are many places where one can find information on today's horse racing lineup. One can find information on today's horse racing lineup at popular on the web sources such as Horce Racing Lineups and USA Today.

What is horse racing about?

Simply horse racing is the sport of running horses at speed and the one who crosses the finishing post first is the winner.

What does the Racing Services Bureau do?

Racing Services Bureau provides information on horse racing. People can bet in horse races using them. One can view the results on the official website of Racing Services Bureau.

Why are the indiana pacers called the pacers?

It was a combination of the Pace Car from the Indianapolis 500 and Harness Racing Pacers from horse racing. One of the original owners was a horse racing enthusiast.

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