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In the NHL the face off automatically goes into then end of the team committing the infraction.

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Q: In hockey where is the face off when someone gets a penalty in there zone?
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When a high stick penalty which draws blood results in a goal does the player still get a penalty?

Yes. A hockey goalie can get the same penalties as a skater gets.

What signs do the ref show when someone gets a penalty in hockey?

There is a different signal for each infraction, such as a chopping motion across the arm to indicate a slashing penalty. Suggest you check the NHL site at or use a search engine such as Google to find out more.

If someone gets hit by an opposing team member do they get a free shot?

Depending on the sport, where the players were, who had the ball, and what else was happening at the time, possibly. For most sports, being in possession in a certain part of the field (field hockey, football) or when taking a shot (basketball) can mean you get a free shot as penalty.

What penalty does Matt cooke get called for the most?

Matt Cooke gets called too many times during a hockey game. But it's mostly tripping, cross checking, boarding, or elbowing

Why does someone get tossed out of a face off in ice hockey?

A player is thrown out if one person from their team is trying to get an unfair advantage over the other team. This includes: Moving the stick before the puck is dropped Not placing the stick properly when requested to do so Not placing the body square to the faceoff spot Encroachment into the faceoff circle by a teammate. When thrown out, another player from the team must take the faceoff, usually that person is not as skilled

What is the difference between soccer and hockey?

Soccer is played on a field, using your feet, kicking a large ball. Hockey (Ice), is played on an ice rink, using a stick held in your hands, hitting a small, rubber puck. Soccer is played with 11 men. Hockey is played with 5. In soccer, you only get up to 3 subs. In hockey, you change up the players about every 30 seconds. In soccer, when you get a penalty, the other team gets a free kick, and the player who committed the foul could get a yellow card, or a red card (Which ejects you from the match). In hockey, a player who commits a penalty is placed in the penalty box, out of play for a certain period of time (Usually for 2 minutes, but sometimes for 4 or 5, depending on the level of foul). In soccer, a game is referred to as a match. In hockey, it is referred to as a game. In soccer, the field is referred to as a pitch. In hockey, it is referred to as a rink.

What is the instigator rule in hockey?

When two players fight, the player who was judged to start the fight without the other player's consent gets 2 additional penalty minutes to the original 5 minutes the 2 players get for fighting. Means the other team gets a powerplay.

How can you score two goals in a powerplay?

No and Yes, when a person gets a penalty when they're all alone the coach can decide if he wants a penalty shot or if he wants a powerplay. Although if the player who gets the penalty, gets a minor for tripping but then also punches the kid and gets a misconduct there is a penalty shot and a powerplay.

How many comprise a hockey team?

11 people to each team while playing and also with other people incase someone gets injured

Who gets medals hockey?

the winners medals get

What just happened?

Everything. Someone dies, someone's born, it's someone's birthday, some guy gets punched in the face, something gets set on fire, someone's eating lunch, the list could go on and on for paragraphs and I guarantee you it's happening somewhere.

How many persons comprise a hockey team?

11 people to each team while playing and also with other people incase someone gets injured