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In hockey the playing area in often referred to as the ice surface

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Q: In hockey the playing area is called?
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Playing area of hockey?

The playing area of hockey is called the pitch. It is normally a set size - 91.4 m × 55 m which is 100.0 yd × 60 yd.

What is the d shaped area in front of the goal in field hockey called?

its called "the D"

If you don't wear skates does it still count as playing hockey?

Well it depends if your playing on ice, with no skates it could be counted as ice hockey however i would think that without any ice it would just be called hockey.

Which pronoun is correct you girls were playing hockey or us girls were playing hockey?

I am not sure between those two options, but I really matters on the way you are trying to say it. If you are saying it to the jockey players- You girls were playing hockey. If you are the girls playing hockey- We girls were playing hockey. Hope this helps!

When did Scott Neidermayer start playing hockey?

Scott started playing hockey in 1988.

How do you train to be on a hockey team?

You practice playing hockey.

What is the playing surface of ice hockey called?

If you mean in the context of "the field" or "the court" for other sports, then "the ice" would be the proper name for the playing surface in ice hockey. ^^^^ In other words, the rink.

What year did Alexander ovechkin start playing hockey?

he started playing hockey at the age of 7.

When did jordin tootoo start playing hockey?

Jordin TooToo started playing hockey when he was 2.

Who was Sidney Crosby playing hockey for in 2009?

Sidney Crosby was playing hockey for the Pittsburgh Penguins.

What is the playing area of soccer called?

A pitch.

What are some bad things about playing hockey?

What is ad about hockey

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