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Yes. It has happened when a pass is missed and goes all the way down the ice and into the open net.

I understand how it could happen but I couldn't find anything on it definitely having happened in an NHL game.

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Yes, it is actually a relatively common occurrence. I believe Ryan O´Byrne of the Montreal Canadiens on November 24, 2008 vs. the NY Islanders is the most recent.

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Q: In hockey has a penalized team ever scored on a delayed penalty?
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If Team A takes a penalty and Team B scores during that delayed penalty is Team B credited with a power play goal?

The power play technically begins the moment the referee signals the penalty, and the non-penalized team has the option to pull its goalie for an extra attacker. If the non-offending team scores during a delayed penalty call, a 2 minute minor penalty is not assessed. If the penalty is a double minor, or a second penalty is to be assessed during the delayed call, the previous penalty is negated upon a goal scored and the second penalty is then enforced.

In hockey if you have a 5 minute major penalty can you get out if the other team scores?

In common Ice Hockey games, 5 minute major penalties are served for the entire 5 minute period. If a goal is scored during that 5 minute period, the penalized player serving the penalty may not return to the ice, until the entire penalty has been served.

Why was the NHL hockey referee that got fired for calling a penalty after a goal was scored and therefore negating the goal?

Never Happened...

What two situation can stop play and cause a face-off in ice hockey?

I can think of the following (more than two) * A goal being scored * Puck out of play * Icing * Offsides * Penalties (when offending team touches the puck if it's a delayed penalty) * Severe injury

When can a player not leave the penality box after a goal is scored?

A player always has the option to leave the penalty area. There are sometimes consequences for doing so. For example, a goal keeper could be penalized for leaving the penalty area with the ball still in their hands.

Who hosted hockey world cup 1990?

The 1990 world cup was hosted by Italy, Germanybeat Argentina, by a penalty scored by Andrea Brehme.

In Ice Hockey is there any time when a penalty is called but a goal is scored before the whistle is blown that the penalty is still served by the player?

if the penalty was a double minor, a major, misconduct, or if there were two penalties on the same player in the same play.

Does a hockey goal scored while a player is in the penalty box count against his plus minus rating?

No, since a player has to be on the ice in even strength situations for plus/minus to count.

When a player receives a penalty and they score and they are scored on does the player leave penalty box?


When did Lionel messi scored his first penalty?

Lionel Messi scored his first penalty at the age of 5 when he had just started playing soccer.

Quickest penalty scored in world cup 2010?

It is scored by A. Gyan of Ghana.

What is the minimum time a player can spend in the sin bin in ice hockey?

The shortest penalty is , of course, a two minute minor. How long the player is in the box, the full two minutes or less, depends on whether a power-play goal is scored and how quickly it is scored.