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Yes, it's still a deduction whether it was intentional or not. To my knowledge, however, there's a difference in deductions according to whether the coach really helps the gymnast complete the skill or if the coach is just there as a comfort to the gymnast.

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โˆ™ 2009-12-26 11:58:52
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Q: In gymnastics is it a deduction if the coach stands by the gymnast on a skill but the gymnast accidentally touches the coach?
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What is the rule for the single bar mens gymnastics because on the 12th chinas' coach was on the mat with the athlete.. is that really allowed?

Well it is kind of complicated. When the gymnast is on the bars and does a release move (meaning he/she comes off of the bar to re-catch the bar again) the coach is supposed to step onto the mat. If the coach spots or touches the gymnast in any way, it is allowed but it is a major deduction.

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