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Franacis Ouimet, a 20 year old local Amateur.

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Jerome Travers

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Q: In golf who was the winner of the 1913 US Open in golf?
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2008 US Open golf winner?

Tiger Woods.

What is the prize money for the winner of the US Open golf?

Just over $1.6 mil.

How many winners are there in the US Open golf tournament?

There's only one winner in any tournament ... but that not to say that only the winner gets paid ... in golf you can come in 40th and still get a nice pay check ...

Are you exempt for life at US Open golf tournament?

No, the winner of the US Open gets a 10 year exemption.

Who is the current winner of US Open?

The current winner of the men's US Open is Novak Djokovic.

Who won 2011 US Open golf?

Daren Clarke won the 2011 US open golf.

How much money does the third place winner gets in the us open golf?

It depends on the purse for that year, but usally just short of $1 million

Did Eddie lowry ever caddie for Francis Ouimet after the 1913 US Open or any other major golf tournament?

Many times, especially at Francis's home course Woodland Golf Club

Winner of the us womens open golf tournament in nineteen ninety five and nineteen ninety six?

1995 Annika Sorenstam 1996 Annika Sorenstam

Who are the mens us open golf entries as of June 11 2009?

why cannot the entries for the mens us golf open be listed

Where could one watch videos of the Golf US Open?

Videos of the Golf US Open can be found on sports websites and video sites such as US Open, CBS Sports, ESPN, Golf Channel, Fox Sports and Euro Sport.

Who was the first foreign born winner of the Women's US Golf Open?

Fay Crocker, who was born in Montevideo, Uruguay was the first non-American born to win the U.S. Women's Open, winning the event in 1955.