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Double Bogey

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Q: In golf what is the term for a score of one over par on a hole?
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What golf term originated from a fictional monster?

Bogey, in golf used to indicate a score of one over par for a hole. Centuries ago a bogle was a Scottish goblin and the Bogey-man was a widely used term for a goblin or devil.

What does the term bogey mean?

One over par on a given golf hole.

What exactly is a double eagle?

It is a golf term. It means to score three under par on a hole. If your par is four, you would have to get a hole in one to score a double eagle. If your par is five, you would score 2. This term is an outdated one, and is rarely used because it is rarely applicable.

What does the term boggie mean in golf?

Bogey means one over par on a given hole.

Which golf term is a hole-in-1?


In golf the term for three shots under par?

For a single hole this is known as an Albatross.

In golf the term snowman refers to getting this on a hole?

A snowman is an 8. I've had a few.

Where did the golf term bogey come from?

According to golf experts, the term came into fashion in the late 1800's when there was a popular song called "Bogey Man" which included the line "I'm the bogey man - catch me if you can". Originally the term was used for a good score in golf, but when the term "par" became widely used to describe that same desirable score, "bogey" changed meaning somewhat.

Which sport has an albatross?

Golf This is a Bristish term in golf for completing a hole three shots under par. Otherwise known as a 'double eagle'. e.g. Getting the ball in the hole in the hole in 2 shots on a par 5 hole. Acheiving this is VERY rare. 'Par' is the number of shots you would be expected to have to take to complete a hole in a game of golf.

What is the golf term hazard mean?

Hazard is the area of sand or water between the tee and the hole.

What does the golf term birdie mean?

one under par for that hole is par 4 and you get 3

What is the term eagle mean in golf?

Eagle means 2 under par for a particular hole.

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