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the "green".

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Q: In golf what is the area called for putting?
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In golf what do you call the area for putting called?

This is called a putting green. It can also be called a practice green.

In golf what do you call the area of putting?

On each hole, it's just the green. The practice putting area is called the putting green.

In golf what do you call a area for putting?

A "green".

What do you call the area for putting in golf?

The green.

What are the basic necessities of golf?

You'll need golf clubs, golf balls, tees, and a golf bag to put all of these in. Gloves and a hat are recommended. You'll need to focus on your swing and your short game (putting). You can practice your swing at a driving range and most golf courses have an area to practice putting (if not, mini putt is better than nothing).

What golf ball is best for putting?

The best ball for putting is one that is perfectly balanced, so it'll stay on line. But golf balls aren't really advertised in this way. And no golf ball is marketed as a ball for putting. Most golf balls are very good for putting, but the premium ball ranges will be softer.

What is Miniature golf?

mini golf is basically putting practice with obstacles

What is area that surrounds the flag and the hole in golf?

That's called the green.

How many ounces in a large box of putting?

'Putting is a thing you do in golf , what does it have to do with ounces.

What is putting soil?

it is the soil that golfers golf on

What do you call the putting erea in golf?

The Green.

What is the difference between Mini Golf and Golf?

Mini Golf was invented as a tourist atraction for a southernour's hotel.