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CONDOR - 4 under par This mighty bird gives its name to the rarest of all occurences in Golf: a hole in one on a par five. Only two are recorded. Shaun Lynch on the 496 yard 17th at Teign Valley in July 1995 and L. Brice on the 480 yard 5th at Hope CC, Arkansas in 1962. Both holes are dog-legs.

On the first tee box, honors used to be determined by flipping a tee and seeing where it pointed after landing to select golfing order. This would have to be done at least 3 times in a foursome. Today, there's a new device called the Starter Coin that golfers flip once to decide who tees off 1st, 2nd, 3rd and last all in one flip.

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2011-01-24 00:52:12
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Q: In golf what is a condor?
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