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A snowman is an 8. I've had a few.

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Q: In golf the term snowman refers to getting this on a hole?
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What is a snowman in golf?

In golf, a snowman is an 8 on a hole.

What is a boigie?

A bogey is a golf term. It refers to getting the ball into the hole one below par. Par is the number of hits it should take to get it in the hole.

Rules to golf?

Golf is a game of many rules, the main one of which is that the goal is to reach the final hole with as few swings as possible. This is why the phrase "A hole in one" is so popular, it refers to making it to the hole in just one swing of the golf club.

What does frosty mean in golf?

It means you scored an 8 on a hole. Since an 8 looks like a snowman on your scorecard some people call it a "frosty".

Odds of hole in one in golf?

the odds of getting a hole in one is 12,500 in 1. This is a very slim chance.

What is hole out in golf?

Hole out is simply finishing a hole of golf, obviously by putting the ball in the hole.

What do you call the start of the golf hole?

You call it "the start of a golf hole."

What is dormi in golf?

A Dormie Hole in golf refers to a hole in match play that signifies a player is ahead in the match equal to the amount of holes left. (For example if someone is 2 up with 2 holes to play it is dormie).

Which sport has an albatross?

Golf This is a Bristish term in golf for completing a hole three shots under par. Otherwise known as a 'double eagle'. e.g. Getting the ball in the hole in the hole in 2 shots on a par 5 hole. Acheiving this is VERY rare. 'Par' is the number of shots you would be expected to have to take to complete a hole in a game of golf.

What is the diameter of a golf hole?

4.25 inches is the current size of a golf hole

What is the shortest hole in golf?

hole 12 at hunters canyon golf course

What is 19th hole in the golf?

The 19th hole in golf is called the club house

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