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never thought bout that

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Q: In girl's wrestling if your on your period do you have to wear a tampon?
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Can you play soccer with you're period?

Yes girls can play soccer with their period, although personally I would wear a tampon not a pad. Good luck!!

What do you do when you have a period?

Make sure you have a pad or tampon with you and wear it

Can you still get your period if you were a tampon before you have it?

Yes, a period is a result of hormones and wearing or not wearing a tampon has nothing to do with it. Never ever wear a tampon without having a period. Read the warnings on the tampon box because it tells you not to do that.

What happens when a girl gets her period?

When a girl gets her period, blood comes from her vagina and she gets a bloated uterus, plus terrible cramps. When girls get their period, she must wear a tampon, or a pad. A pad is a liner that you put in your underwear. A tampon is something that a girl puts into her vagina.

Can you go swimming if you have your first day period?

If you wear a tampon then you can. =]

What should you do if your on your period and its really heavy and you have swim class?

You need to weAR A tampon. Or if your not sure if a tampon will protect you fully, wear a panty liner.

How do you go in the pool on your period without using a tampon?

You cannot do this, it would be embarrassing for you, so wear a tampon, or stay out of the pool.

What happens if your swimming on your period?

Wear a tampon! I recomend the Always Sports Tampons. Have a Happy Period!

What happens if you start your period?

you should put in a tampon and wear a pad in your underwear

What you should wear to know you have your period?

A tampon and a pair of dark wash jeans

What should you do if your period is due but you want to go swimming?

you either have to stop or wear a tampon

Can you swim in the ocean on your period?

Yes you can swim and do all the activities that you normally do if you weren't on your period. Just use a tampon and everything will be fine.