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Pretty much all BMX bikes are the same size - 20 inch wheels.

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Q: In freestyle bmx riding what size bike is used by the pros?
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How much does a freestyle motocross bike weigh?

A free style motocross bike can be 50-150 lbs or 22.8-68.2kg, depending on size.

What is the age limit for riding a 125cc dirt bike in nc?

there are no age limits for dirt bike. but there are recomendations for size

Where can plus size bike shorts be purchased?

Plus size bike shorts can be purchased at Junonia offers great plus size bike shorts for riding in style and comfort.

Which is the best kind of bike?

There's no fixed answer to that. The best bike would be the one best suited to the kind of riding you want to do, your size and your wallet.

What size bike 5'10?

Hi there, The best thing to do is shop around for the best bike. Bikes are suited to different factors of your body and riding style.

How many calories burned riding a bike for 90 minutes?

The number of calories burned while riding a bike for 90 minutes depends on intensity and body size. You can burn up to 500 calories this way.

Can you change the size of your bike?

You sure can mate, just get a bigger tyre and clip it on, and there you go theres a bigger bike. BRUM BRUM! Have fun riding! XXX

What is the biggest bike you can ride at 17?

The size of the bike depends on the riders size and experience. The rider should be able to hold the bike up easily while sitting on the seat, and their feet on the ground. Some new riders start with a smaller engine bike until they get used to riding.

What size dirt bikes are used in freestyle motocross?

In freestyle motocross the most frequently used dirt bike is a 250 2 stroke. It depends on the rider though. Some (but not a lot) use 125s, 250s, and 450s.

How do you know what size of dirt bike to buy?

Talk with a salesman, let them help determine what size dirt bike is appropriate for your. Be sure to tell them what you will be doing, play riding, racing, dual sport rides, etc. Select a model that is suitable for your skill level taking into account the bike's handling, power and size. Sit on the bike to make sure it is the right size and test ride each bike. Also, consider buying a used dirt bike.

What frame size bicycle is correct for a 5'5 woman?

In order to correctly size a bike to you, you need to be fitted. The bike shop will measure you and use a special "fit kit" Throwing that all aside and just generalizing, you should be riding about a 13 - 15 inch frame if it's a mountain bike, and a17 to 19 inch frame if you are riding a road bike. Your stem and crank length will vary depending on your body.

What is the difference of a pit bike and dirt bike?

A pit bike (kinda like a mini bike) is small frame bike that meant to get you around quick in the pits at the racing events and dirt bikes have average sized frames according to the size of the engine and are used for racing and trail riding.

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