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Q: In football which London team are known by the nickname the crazy gang?
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What is Southend United Football Club's nickname?

They are affectionately known as The Shrimpers, The Seasiders or The Blues.

What nickname did people give to Colorado Springs?

It was known as Little London.

Which football team's nickname is the foxes?

Leicester City Football Club are known as "The Foxes"

What is the nickname of middlesborough?

Spelt Middlesbrough on England, known as the Smoggy. The Football Team is known as the Smoggies

What was the nickname of London's Hospital of St Mary of Bethlehem?

I believe this hospital was known as BEDLAM

EI Nino is nickname of which football player?

Fernando Torres is known as "El Nino"

What is the nickname of westbrom football club?

Called "Brummagem" (The Brummie pronunciation of Birmingham), they are more commonly known as "The blues". The nickname for Birmingham city football team is Blues and there support Birmingham :)

What is the nickname of the Icelandic football team?

The Icelandic football team is known as Strákarnir okkar - which translates as "our boys" from Icelandic to English.

What is the nickname of leicester football club?

Leicester Football Club are known as the Tigers. Unlike some other nicknames for rugby football clubs it is not a recent invention of marketing consultants, but is believed to derive from the Leicestershire Regiment who gained the Tiger nickname for their service in India.

What college has a football team known as the wolverines?

The University of Michigan.The University of Michigan's nickname is the Wolverines.

Is Arsenal a city or town?

It is not a place. It is the name of a football club in the area known as Holloway, which is in London.

What species of crane is Crazy Legs Crane?

Crazy Legs is best known as the nickname for now-deceased and rugged football player Elroy Hirsch. His name may have inspired the Jetsons character. Elroy is a combination of Spanish and French for- The King. El is Spanish, and Roi is French. I have heard Crazy Legs applied to football players but not to Cranes, either the birds or construction equipment, in the latter any misalignment of the Gantry Gear- well could cause accidents.