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right outside linebacker

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Q: In football what does ROLB stand for?
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Related questions

What does ROLB stand for in football?

right outside linebacker

What is a OLB football?

In football, OLD stand for Outside Linebacker. There are two types of Outside Linebackers:Right Outside Linebacker, ROLB and the Left Outside Linebacker, LOLB

What does ROLB mean on a Rawlings Baseball?

On the Rawlings website, you can buy a "Rawlings ROLB Official League Baseball." Thus ROLB = Rawlings Official League Baseball

What does a ROLB do in football?

Right Outside Linebacker is the weak side linebacker and is responsible for containing the run or outside. Sometime may have to drop back into pass coverage or blitz

Who is the best rolb in the NFL?

Brian orakpo

What does CF stand for in football?

college football

What does CFB stand for in college football?

College Football Boards

What does the NFC stand for in football?

National Football Confrence

What does CBS stand for in football?


What does the g position in football?

G can stand for goalkeeper in football.

What does the PF stand for in football box score?

Professional Football?

What does FB stand for in football?

fb stands for fullback in football

What does the initials NFL stand for?

The NFL initials stand for: National Football League. Most people call it (The) National Football League

What does NFL stand for in American football?

It stands for National Football League.

What does fcs stand for in college football?

It stands for Football Championship Subdivision

What does PCP stand for in football?

In football, PCP stands for point-counterpoint.

What dose FBS stand for in college football?

football bowl subdivision

What does O stand for in football?


In football what does PAT stand for?

Point After Touchdown

What do AFC and NFC stand for?

American Football Conference National Football Conference

What does football Gp Stand for?

Football Gaming Podcast

What does FSB stand for in college football?

FBS= Football Bowl Sub-division

What dose AFL stand for?

Australian Football League

What does fbs stand for in college football?

FBS stands for Football Bowl Subdivision.

What is c b stand for in football?

I think C B stand for Cornerback.