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Yes, that is a fumble.

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Q: In football is it legal to kick the ball out of a players hand?
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What do you call an illegal intentional fumble in football?

its when the ball pops out of a players hand actually.

How many percent American football players use hand?

In American Football, players normally use their hands to hold or pass the ball. Kicking the ball is not normally done except in certain circumstances.

Is it a hand ball if someone kicks the ball at you football?

If the ball is kicked at your hand then no. There is ball to hand and hand to ball. If it is ball to hand, nothing should happen, but if you go and block the ball with your hand or arm, it's a foul. There are exceptions but that is the general rule.

What is a hand ball in football?

There is no such violation "hand ball" in the Laws of the Game. The offense is called deliberate handling.

What are few fouls in football?

when you touch the ball with your hand

If the knee of an offensive player carrying the football never touches the ground but the players hand or arm carrying the ball does is the player down?

If it's a hand, no. If it's an elbow (or arm), yes.

What happens if 2 players have a ball in their hand in basketball?

the refferee calls a jump ball

Are you allowed to snatch or hit the ball out of the players hand IN NETBALL?


Could a football goalkeeper put the ball against a player's hand and call it a hand ball?

No. The ball must be handled deliberately for there to be an infraction.

What happens if a ball hits the players hand on a swing?

then the ball it the players hand on the swing silly and why would you want to know about that just go and do it and see what happens hoped that helped you alot.

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he is on the right hand page. behind 2 players running towards a person with a rugby ball.( round about the center of the right hand page)

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