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NO. It does not matter if the ball is played by a defender before or after entering the circle or being played by the attacker. The ball must be played in the circle by an attacker, then go in the goal without having left the circle, for a goal to be scored and awarded.

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Q: In field hockey I know that if a player hits the ball from outside the circle a goal will not count however is the same true if it takes a deflection off a defender?
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When the attacker hits the ball from outside circle and the ball is touched by the defender and it went through the goal post is it goal are not?

If the defender is inside the "D", then yes, it is a goal. This is a new ruling for this season that may subsequently be reversed after review. Who knows what that decision will be?

What is the outside of a circle known as?

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When is a penalty corner awarded in field hockey?

A penalty (short) corner is awarded for: * An accidental offence by a defender within the circle they are defending, which does not prevent the probable scoring of a goal; * A deliberate offence by a defender outside the circle they are defending but within the 23 metre area, against a player with possession of/opportunity to play the ball; * A deliberate offense by a defender within the circle they are defending, against a player who does not have possession of/opportunity to play the ball. * Deliberately playing the ball over the backline by a defender. A penalty (short) corner is reawarded when: * A player or players breaks the line early on a previous penalty (short) corner; * A penalty corner has not finished and a bully would otherwise have been awarded.

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No, a radius connects the center of a circle the a point on the outside, a chord connects to points on the outside of the circle. Thanks for asking on

What would happen if a defender fouled in the circle in field hockey?

The opposing team gets a corner.

What is the distance from the center point of the circle to the outside of the circle?

the radius

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