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All batters

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Q: In fast-pitch games of softball which players wear helmets?
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How many games should a 12u girl pitch in fastpitch softball?

it depends how many games are at the tournament.

How many softball events are in the Olympics?

saddly the year of 2008 they had the final fastpitch Olympics games for now there is a act going on to bring softball back into the Olympics.

In fast-pitch games which players must wear helmets?

Players wear helmets when playing American soccer.

Do football players have separate helmets for practice and games?


How many softball games were won?

Accordin to some softball players that have played and won alot of games .. ove 50,000 games have been won.

Why is softball popular?

As a softball player i must say it is popular because parents, family, friends, and fans have as much love for the games as the players. If the players aren't sure this is where they are supposed to be the games is lost for everyone.

What is the fastest softball thrown?

There is no official fastest softball pitch recorded. The NPF (National Pro Fastpitch league) claims that pitches of 70+ MPH are common. The fastest pitch recorded at the 1996 Olympic Games was 73.2 MPH.

What were NFL players required to wear in games for the first time in 1943?


How many helmets do NFL players get?

2 one for home gamaes and one for away games

How many games a year do preofessional softball players have?

NPF plays 40 games in their summer season.

Is fast pitch softball a girle sport?

No! Fast pitch softball is a demanding sport. You have to be quick, tough, but more importantly, you have to be smart. Softball and Baseball are some of the most complicated games played today. Strategy is a huge part of the game. The more you know, the better you will play. Also, there are also plenty of men's fastpitch softball leagues.

How can depression affect games players?

Since I play Softball depression does effect the game players a lot in the outfield with big player. Players miss the ball or watch the ball go by. Players usually move slow.

Why was baseball and softball removed from the olympic games?

Because too many players test positive for performance enhancing drugs.

Should softball players get paid as much as baseball players?

No, not until the two sports have a similar economic status. Major League Baseball players are paid a lot of money because the business behind the sport is very successful and brings in a lot of money. Softball does not create enough income for a team to pay the same amounts that an MLB team can pay their best players. It depends on how many people come to the games.

What are the five skills needed to play a softball game?

The basics skills would be catching, throwing, batting, base running, and pitching. These skills not necessary pitching should be mastered and perfected by all softball players.If all players are good with all these skills a team will be successful during games.

Why is a softball bigger than a baseball?

the soft ball is easy er to hit. i don't not why but i think a soft ball travels more fast in the air Not sure the above is even an answer. Two different albeit similar games. One uses a diff ball, diff bats, diff gloves, diff field distances, diff pitching techniques. **The above does not answer the question. Baseball and softball are two similar but different games. Size alone does not make it easier to hit, a fastpitch softball pitcher is closer to the batter than a baseball pitcher giving the batter far less time to "look it over" to determine if they should swing. Fastpitch pitches can travel at around 70 mph from approx 40-some feet depending upon the age of the players. A baseball pitcher is 60 or more feet away. I'm not sure how those distances vary by age.

Why do football players in all star games wear other teams decals on there helmets?

Its the schools they should have went just shows friendship and comradery. Some players actually went to high school toghether...

Who are the officials called in softball games?

Officials in softball are called umpries

Is softball still a medal sport in the Olympics?

Softball will not be a medal sport at the 2012 Games in London. Both softball and baseball were removed from the medal sports beginning with the 2012 Games.

Is softball new in the olypmics?

Softball made its debut in the Olympics at the 1996 games in Atlanta. Unfortunately, the 2008 Games will be the last time softball is competed as it, along with baseball, has been dropped from the Olympic Games events schedule.

Compare the first softball game to present softball games?

older softball was a slower pitch cause they are not as strong or built as we are today!!!

What is softball in the Olympics?

Softball is not in the olympics. It was from 1996-2008, but is now being taken out of the games.

What are disadvantages of team sports?

It depends on where you are playing. A lot of teams are used to playing on their own turf. When they have away games, they're not quite used to it. Especially true for softball and baseball players.

Why has softball been taken out of London 201?

Softball and baseball were both removed from the Olympics after the 2008 games. There was no reason given it was simply voted out. The International Softball Federation is trying to get the IOC to revive play for the 2020 games.

How many different softball games are there?