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Red,White,Black,Blue and Yellow

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Q: In every flag in the world at least one of the five colors appear what are the five colors?
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Why were these 5 colors chosen as the colors of the rings?

these colours were chosen because every flag around the world has at least one of these colours

Why are the rings those colors of the olympics?

Every world flag has at least one of the colours of the rings.

Why are the Olympic rings red blue black green and yellow?

To represent all of the countries. Each countries flag has at least one the colors.

Is there red in every flag in the world?

No, there is not red in all of the flags of the world. It is one of the more popular colors, You will find at least on of these colors on all of the flags: red, green, blue, yellow, black and white.

What does the green olympic ring mean?

meaning of blue olypics rings is europ

Why are the rings the colors?

The olympic rings? The rings represent the original 5 continents, every flag in the world has at least one colour of the Olympic rings in their national flag.

What is the least hair color?

Red and White hair colors are the rarest in the world.

What do the rings stand for in the modern Olympics logo?

the rings in the olympics logo are yellow, green, blue and black because at least one of those colors are on every flag in the whole world.

What does each colour on the olympic flag represent?

Every country has at least one of these colors on their flag

What does the green ring stand for?

The individual colors do not represent any one thing in particular. The five rings on the Olympic flag are five different colors, blue, black, red, yellow and green. They were chosen because every nation in the world had at least one of these colors in their flag at the time it was designed, 1914.

Which colour represents which continent in Olympic rings?

I don't think the IOC considers them to recognize continents. It is said the five colors represent all the flags of the world at least one color appearing in every flag.

What word rhymes with all the colors?

There is no word in the world that rhymes with every single color. Although,there may be a few words that rhyme with a couple of colors.