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In Test matches Brian Lara scored most runs off one over. He scored 28 runs off one over.

In ODI Herschelle Gibbs scored most runs off one over. He scored 36 runs off one over.

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Q: In cricket who has the highest score of the most runs in a over?
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What is the highest score by a team in 50 over game of cricket?

443 by srilanka

What is the highest run score in 1 over in English cricket?

37 runs by chris gayle in IPL ( indian premier league )

What is the most runs a batsman can score with one bowled to them in cricket?

The most runs that a batsman can score in one shot is six, achieved by hitting the ball over the boundary without making contact with the ground.

Who score maximum run in an over in cricket world cup?

yusuf pathan

What is the most runs scored in a single over in both test and limited overs cricket?

In the records its down as 36, however the highest score so far is 77 off an over which had 17 no balls and only 5 legitimate balls because of the umpires miscalculation This was banned from the records because the bowler deliberately let the batsmen score the runs.

What is Gary Sober's highest score in a single over?


What is the highest score you can get in scrabble on one word?

Over 9000!

What was the highest score in NHL playoff history?

over 9000

What is the highest score possible to be made off one over in cricket?

one can only score 36 runs,since there are only 6 balls & one can score upto 6 runs in a single ball. but there are instance of scoring more than 36 due to extra given

What is the highest run score in 1 over in twenty twenty?

the highest score in one over in t20 is 36 runs by Virat Kohli and by Shahid Afridi scored 34 runs in 1 over.........

Highest number balls per over in one day cricket?

highestly9 balls per over has been bowled in one day cricket.

Does a super over happen in a cricket world cup?

Super over happens when both the teams have same score.

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