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The match is draw, in one day cricket give him equal points.

in twenty 20 game the match is to super over

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Q: In cricket what happens when both teams are tied?
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If two little league teams are tied who wins?

Both teams win!!

What happens when a game is tied in curling?

The teams will play extra ends until there is a winner.

What two continents are tied with having the most teams in the World Cup both with 53 teams represented?

It is Europe and AFRICA

How is a tied test match different to a drawn test match?

In cricket, a tie is distinct from a draw. A tie occurs when scores of both the teams are equal at the conclusion of the play and when a team does not concludes its innings by the scheduled end of the play, this becomes a draw.

Who won the race between the two balls of string?

none they were tied

How are the orange bowl teams decided?

it is the two teams that are corrmicalicaly tied

What does 7 up mean is baseball?

It means the game is tied at 7, ie. both teams have scored 7 runs each.

If 2 teams tie in the FIFA World Cup tournament what happens?

If the match is a Group stage one, then both teams earn 1 point in their group. If the match is in the Knockout stage, then two 15 minute extra times will be played. If still tied after that, then the winner will be determined by kicks from the penalty mark.

In the NFL what happens if both teams are tied at the end of overtime in the playoffs?

They play a second overtime, with the same rules applying. There is no kickoff in the second, fourth, or any other even-numbered overtime; the team with the ball keeps it as in the second and fourth quarters.

Is there a sudden death in soccer?

Yes, it is when, after a shootout, if both teams are tied, you go into a "Sudden Death" round, which i where the first team that scores wins.

What is strength of victory in the NFL?

That is the 5th tie breaker used by the NFL in breaking ties to determine a division winner and the 4th or 5th tie breaker used in breaking ties to determine a wild card winner (4th if 2 teams are tied and 5th if 3 or more teams are tied). The total wins and losses of the teams the tied teams defeated are added up and whichever tied team defeated teams with the higher combined winning percentage wins the tie breaker.

Did soccer games ever end in a tie?

Soccer games can end in a tie, in certain cup competitions if the game is tied it could go to extra time and if it is still tied then the game goes to penalties. In league competitions if a game is tied both teams will get 1 point each.

If the baseball game is tied what happens?

That depends on the circumstance on what happens with a tied game. If it's a Spring Training game then the game just ends when both teams can no longer continue with their pitchers since Spring Training games are nothing more than Exhibition games to get their Pitchers' stamina built up for the Regular Season. If a tied game is an official game during the Regular Season but then is called then it will resume the following day at the exact point in which it was called at. If a tied game is called and it's not an official game then the whole game will be made up at a later date.

What if the nhl teams are tied with points who gets the better seed?

The team with more goals for, if that is also tied, the least goals against, if that is tied...dunno

Can a hockey game end in a tie?

As of the 2005-2006 season, NHL games can no longer end in a tie. If the game is tied at the end of regulation, both teams are awarded one point and the teams will play five minutes of 4 on 4 hockey (assuming there are no carry over penalties). If at the end of the five minutes AND the teams are still tied, then the teams have a shootout until one team wins. The winning team earns one additional point.

What happens in a t20 Cricket match when the scores are tied after the super over?

It would go down to the Team who scored the most 6's then 4's then who lost the most wickets

What two teams have tied in second in the super bowl?

Super bowl 29 was tied going into half time.

Where is the country where the most bullying happens?

It normally happens in developed countries like the UK, USA and the rest. However the country with the most is tied and is both the UK and USA.

How are teams ranked In the NHL?

They are ranked on a point system. First order is determined by number of wins in current season. If tied then the teams that are tied default to number of games played to determine who is above whom with the lower number prevailing over the higher. If tied here as well then the teams involved default down to number of games won. If still a tie remains then it defaults down to number of points earned by the team against the other team that is tied. If three teams or more are tied at this level then the highest % of points gained amongst the teams not including odd number games. Finally, if by some miracle they remain tied then the greater difference between goals for and goals against determines the winner.

What happens if 2 teams are tied for the premiership?

Then the goal difference will count. then if it still ties they see who won their matches with each other.For example Barcelona and Real Madrid were tied twice but Real won one game and drew one. So they beat Barcelona for the title.

When is there 163 games in a baseball season?

When, after 162 games, two teams are tied for the division lead, or for the wildcard spot, those two teams, and only those two teams, play a one-game "playoff" to determine which team wins the division or the wildcard spot. It happens less often than you might think.

What happens in Major League Baseball when 2 teams are tied for the division championship and also tied with another team for the wild card?

MLB conducts a coin toss prior to the conclusion of the season. All teams who have the possibility of being the wild card (or the possibility of a tie for division winner) are included and all possible scenarios are covered. The team winning the coin toss hosts a one-game playoff to see which team advances as the wild card, or which team wins the division, if that is the case. If two teams are tied for thhe division lead, and also tied with a team from another division for the wild card, the two teams tied for the division lead will have their tie-breaker game played first. The winner of that game is the division champ, and the loser of that game plays a one game tie-breaker against the team from the other division to determine the wild card.

How many super bowl games were tied at the end of the first quarter?

About 5 teams I don't remember which teams but check

How does a NFL team win their division?

The division is won by the team with the best overall record.If two teams have the same overall record, then the first tie breaker is head-to-head record.If the two teams split their head-to-head matches the 2nd tiebreaker is the record against divisional opponents.If they are still tied they look at best record against common opponents.If they are still tied they look at strength of schedule of the teams they both beat (ie. records of those teams)There are more tiebreakers after that, but I don't think they have ever been used.

In the world cup group stage what happens if all 4 teams have the same points and goal difference?

1. greatest number of points in all group matches; 2. goal difference in all group matches; 3. greatest number of goals scored in all group matches. 4. greatest number of points in matches between tied teams; 5. goal difference in matches between tied teams; 6. greatest number of goals scored in matches between tied teams; 7. drawing of lots by the FIFA Organizing Committee.