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In reality you really should breathe using both your nose and mouth. Swimming is an aerobic exercise, and therefore requires your body to grab as much oxygen as you can in order to perform well.

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Q: In competitive swimming should you breathe from the nose or the mouth?
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Are you supposed to breathe out underwater or hold your breath then exhale and inhale all at once when swimming laps?

When swimming laps (as opposed to racing) you should breathe out in a continuous flow underwater so that you are ready to draw your next breath as your mouth breaks the surface.

When you are running should you breathe through your nose or your mouth?


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Yes, you want to breathe out through your nose, and in with your mouth

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breathe through your mouth

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How does a liger breathe?

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why should an athlete when running breathe through his/her nose and not his/her mouth

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