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Rule 4, Section 1, Article 3b of the NCAA Football Rules and Interpretations states the ball is dead: " When any part of the runner's body, except his hand or foot, touches the ground or when the runner is tackled or otherwise falls and loses possession of the ball as he contacts the ground with any part of his body, except his hand or foot. (Exception: The ball remains alive when an offensive player has simulated a kick or is in position to kick the ball held for a place kick by a teammate. The ball may be kicked, passed or advanced by rule) "

The above rule states that an exception has been made for the holder of the kick.

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It is an exception to the normal rules but when the holder is down its is still a live ball so he can get up and run or get up and pass it but if the knee is still down after he picks the ball up he cant throw it but who really knows what the rules are it depends on the referees they all call different things.

And having a knee down is only applicable as being down if there has been contact with an opposing player. A player with the ball can fall down flat and get back up and run if he hasn't been contacted by someone on the other side.

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Q: In college football when knee is down how can the holder for extra points get up and run and throw the ball?
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How many points are earned in college football when the defense blocks an extra point and returns it for a touchdown?


Can you use a kicking block for extra points in college football?

No, a kicking block is only allowed in high school and levels below that.

How many points for passed extra point in football?

One extra point is awarded.

If you block an extra point in the NFL and return it will you get any points?

You do not get extra points for blocking an extra point attempt. Points in football can only be scored by action in the end zone. First, the above answer is incorrect, as points scored by kicking the ball through the uprights do not involve "action in the end zone." Second, in college football you ARE awarded two points if the defense blocks an extra point and returns it all the way across the opposing goal line in one play. But in high school or the NFL, blocked PATs are immediately ruled dead.

What does PK stand for in football?

Placekicker (for kickoffs, field goals, extra points).

Who was the holder for Jim O'Brien in Super Bowl five?

Colts backup quarterback Earl Morall was the holder for extra points and field goals in Super Bowl V.

How many points are awarded for extra points in football?

1 point for a kick, and two points for anything else such as a run or pass play.

What is the difference between a touchdown and an extra point in football?

touchdown = 6 points extra point is 1 point but comes after a touchdown

How many touchdowns and extra points would a football team earn to get 35 points?

five touchdowns and five point after tries.

What if football is intercepted during extra point can it be returned for td?

A football cannot be intercepted on an extra point. As the extra point is kicked, not thrown. As far as two point conversions are concerned, if an interception is caught, it can be returned for two points, not a touchdown.

What are the points in football?

2 for a saftey, 3 for a field goal, 6 for a touchdown, 1 for the extra point

How many number of points earned in by 2 touchdown in a football game?

14 points if you get the extra point ,if get it on one the its 13, if you don't get it period,12