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This is because some have the college 3 pointer AND the Pro 3 pointer.

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Q: In college basketball why do some courts have two three point lines?
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Are pro basketball and college basketball courts the same size?

The 3 point line is farther on an NBA court.

How far is a community college three point line from the basketball goal?

20 feet 9 inches, same as all NCAA three point lines

Why are there 2 half circles close together on college basketball courts?

These two half circles are at at either sides of the lengths of the basketball court. They are the boundaries across which if a player shoots then it is a 3 point shoot.

Basketball Three point distance?

In college basketball it is 20 feet 9 inches

When was the three point shot added to college basketball?


What college basketball game had the largest point differential?


When did three point line start in college basketball?


Who was the best point guard in college basketball?

Stephen Curry

Was there a four point shooting line in college basketball?

of course not

How far is the 3 point arch in college basketball?

19 ft

When did the 3 point line come into effect in college basketball?


When was the college basketball three point line extended?

It was extended in 2007

What is the worst 3 point percentage in a college basketball game?


Who has the most four point plays in college basketball history?

Aaron Carter

Are their old school basketball courts without three point line on any nba 2k video games?

Yes on the 60's and 50's courts

Which college had a basketball court with a wood floor inside the entire three-point arc that was painted like a basketball?

i have no idea

What are the similarities of boys and girls basketball?

The same with the exception of ball size and 3 point lines.

3 point line in college basketball?

Yes because you have to prepare for the NBA by shooting at the three point line.

Is Trevon Hughes the best point guard in college basketball?

Stephen Curry from Davidson

What college basketball team has the most consecutive games with a 3 point goal?


What are the materials and equpments neede in basketball?

basketball basketball hoop extra: basketball hoop net backboard boundary lines uniforms refs chairs drink whistles clock/timer/point keeper

What is a change that has been made in basketball?

a change that has been made in basketball is the 3-point shot Also dunking was added too. Dribbling Backboards Basketball courts A REAL BASKEBALL A NET A RIM CLOTH'S

How far is a college three point line from the basketball goal?

20.9 feet from center of rim.

Where did Bob Knight play college basketball?

Bob Knight was a point guard at Ohio State.

Who sank the first 3 point field goal in college basketball?

Ronnie Carr in 1980

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