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You can choose what piece you would like back. Most people choose their queen.

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Q: In chess when your pawn crosses the chess board do you get your queen back?
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In chess when a pawn crosses the chess board do you get your queen back when its out?

A pawn promotion is not 'getting back' a piece that was lost, it is simply gaining a new piece. You can have a second Queen even if you still have your first.

In chess when a bishop crosses the chess board do you get your queen back?

No. When a pawn reaches the 8th rank, it can be promoted into other pieces, so you can get a Queen back there. But that applies to pawns only. Nothing happens if a Bishop or other piece reaches the 8th rank.

Can you get your queen back in chess?

When your pawn reaches the end of the board

How do I get my queen back in chess?

Get one of your pawns to the other side of the board

In chess when a piece crosses the chess board do you get your queen back?

Only the pawn can be promoted to another chess piece once the pawn reaches the 8th rank . The pawn can not be promoted to a king .The rules only allow the pawn to be promoted upon the eighth rank . At that time the pawn can then be promoted to a queen or any other chess piece with the sole exception of the king .

Can you win a piece back in chess?

No, it is impossible to win back a piece in chess. It is only possible to "promote" your pawn to either a Queen, Rook, Knight or Bishop when it reaches the other end of the board.

What pieces allow you to get back apiece you lost if you get to the opposite end of the board in chess?

the pawn, of course!! (tho i still like the queen, lol)

How was the chess board invented?

The chess board was invented along with the game that is played on it. It's history dates back to India, as that is where chess originated. As you might imagine, the specifics are lost in history.

Do you get a piece back when you take out a queen in chess?

you get one of your pawns to the other side of the board. then, you can take what ever piece you lost in the beginning. (besides a nother pawn)

Can the king in chess get a queen back?

No, only a pawn can be promoted to a queen or other piece of choice.

What is the chess piece on the Breaking Dawn cover?

Queen A pawn is at the back

Can you attack someones queen as soon as he gets it back in chess?


Where can you put your queen when you get it back in chess?

The newly promoted Queen may be placed on any unoccupied square .

In chess when a pawn crosses the chess board do you get your queen back?

In chess, when a pawn has crossed the board and reaches the last rank, that pawn is promoted. In promotion, the promoting player can claim any piece he wishes. It doesn't matter what he has or doesn't have on the board at the time. This sets the stage for more than one queen or more than two rooks, two bishops or two knights of the same color to be on the board at one time. If you had lost your queen previously, then you can "get your queen back" as asked. It is unusual for a player promoting a pawn to claim anything but a queen. The queen can do anything a rook or bishop can do, and might actually be said to "combine" the moves of both pieces. But there are rare cases where is it of benefit to ask for a knight, as this piece cannot be blocked when it attacks. In what is called under-promotion, the player might elect to take something other than the queen. Such a tactic might allow a player to increase his ability to attack without creating a stalemate because of a positional situation. As stated, the player promoting a pawn has choice of pieces, and must select either queen, rook, bishop or knight.

Can a chess piece bring back another piece when it gets to ther end of the board?

The pawn can be promoted to any chess piece upon the board with the exception of the King .

Did George Washington have board games back in his time?

Yes they had checkers and chess

What color is the back right corner on a chess board?

The back right hand corner square of a properly positioned chess board is black. The rule of thumb in properly situating the board is that the lower right hand corner has to be a white square. Just remember "White on right."

When you play chess can you get your queen back after it is taken?

If you can get one of your pawns to the 8th rank, then it will be promoted to your choice of a rook, bishop, knight or queen. Most people choose queen, but there are situations where a knight is preferred. So you can replace a taken queen this way, but it is not necessarily a case of getting it back. You could get a second queen and have two on the board, there is no requirement for you to lose the first before you promote a second.

Which chess piece can only move diagonally?

The bishop may only move diagonally in any direction back and forth across the chess board.

When you get queen in chess back where do you place it?

When a pawn is promoted to Queen , or any other piece besides the King , the square upon which the pawn was promoted is where the Queen will be placed .

Are you allowed to move back in chess?

Moves in chess are determined by the nature of the pieces and the spaces available for a legal move. Any chess piece can move backwards except for the pawn - and even the pawn can move backwards in a sense, if it reaches the back of the board and is promoted.


No. Once it's out, it's out for the duration of the game.

Can your queen be taken straight away when you get her back in chess?

Yes , the promoted pawn may be captured at any time .

Can a pawn get anything back if it got to the end of the board?

I've not played chess for years ! If you manage to get a pawn all the way across the board - you can exchange it for any piece from the back row (except the King). Therefore - in theory, you could have more than one queen, or more than two bishops, rooks or knights.

Does the piece you get back move like a queen when the pawn crosses?

One may designate what piece one wants, but the queen is what one should choose as it is the most versatile.