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Absolutely. The King or any other piece for that matter may move regardless of the fact that the Queen has been captured as long as the move is a legal move. Although, if your Queen has been captured and you haven't taken the other Queen, your King may not be moving for much longer as it is probably destined for a checkmate.

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if the queen is captured in Chess has the game ended

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Q: In chess if the queen is captured can the king move?
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Why is it important to protect the king in chess?

If the king is captured or cannot move 'checkmate' is called and you lose.

Are you supposed to take the king in chess?

In some types, such as dark chess the goal is to capture the opposing king. But in classic chess, you only have to make sure that the enemy king can be captured in the next move, regardless of any move your opponent can play.

How strong is a queen chess piece?

The Queen is second only to the King in strength and power for she , with the exception of the Knight , can move like every chess piece since she incorporates the power of every chess-men's move .

How do you capture an opponent's pieces in chess?

A piece may be captured in chess if it is on a square one of your pieces can move to. You will not be able to move through a piece that may be captured, but you can move passed it with a knight. Also, the king cannot be captured; nor can it capture a piece under the protection of another.

How does a queen move in chess?

The queen can move like every piece in chess except the knight.

Who is called the Queen of the Chess Board?

The queen is the most valuable piece after the king and can move veritcally, horizontally and diagonaly

Is the queen the stroungest in chess?

While the king is the single most important chess piece , the queen is the most powerful and thus the strongest piece because of her power to move about the chess-board in strength .

Can the queen of chess move like the horse in chess?

No. Only the knight can move in that pattern.

Can you strait forward kill the king with the queen in chess?

No, because before you kill the king, but you're about to after your opponent's turn, they must get out of check because your queen is checking the king. In other words, they must use their own chess pieces to block the queen or they can move the king into a different spot that is not checked.

How many times can you move a king in chess?

Only once, but in any direction. The queen is the best piece.

In Chess can a King attack if your Queen is taken?

The King , with or without the Queen , can attack any other piece other than the opposing King : the King cannot move into check . See related link below to additional information regarding the capabilities and rules as they apply to the King in chess .

Can a king kill a queen in chess?

no, because your queen can go in any direction meaning if your king is next to it, it's in check and that means you need to move to a different spot to get out of check.

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