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No, it cannot move unless it can capture or the blocking piece is moved out of the way.

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Q: In chess if a pawn is blocked and there is no piece to capture can it go diagonally?
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Does every piece in chess have to capture diagonally?


What is the chess piece that moves diagonally?

The Bishop moves diagonally.

Can a king kill diagonally in chess?

yes, it can capture in any direction only if it's not endangered if it gets next to that piece to capture or if it doesn't get endangered after capturing.

How does the queen in chess capture?

A queen in chess can move any number of squares vertically, horizontally or diagonally as far as the path is not obstructed by another piece. After capturing a piece in opposite color, the queen should be placed on the same square the piece was placed.

Can you go straight in chess or go diagonally it capture someones opponents piece?

Reliant upon the chessmen you can capture either way ~ look to the related link below for additional information .

Which chess piece can only move diagonally?

The bishop may only move diagonally in any direction back and forth across the chess board.

Which chess piece should only be moved diagonally?

The bishop .

Which chess piece moves diagonally only?

That would be the bishop.

How do you remove a piece in chess?

You capture it.

Which chess piece moves diagonally?

The Bishop only moves diagonally. The King and Queen can also move in this direction. As can a pawn when it takes another piece.

What is the function of bishop in chess?

A bishop in chess can move diagonally in any direction as the path is not obstructed by another piece.

Is it possible to attack a chess piece with a pawn diagonally?

Diagonal attacking is the only way a pawn can capture another chess piece , besides a En Passant capture , since this is the only way a pawn can attack or threaten another chessmen . See related link below to additional information on how a pawn moves , attacks and captures .

Can you kill in chess?

Yes, by that you capture a piece.

How do you beat chess?

You capture the King piece.

Do you have to capture a piece when you have an option to for chess?

No, except for when the only way to get out of check is to capture the piece that is attacking your king.

Which piece has to be killed to get a checkmate in chess?

The capture of the King is the penultimate goal in the game of chess .

Can pawns get people out in chess if going straight?

Pawns can only capture pieces forward-diagonally on either side. If it bumps head on against another pawn, the two are stuck until another piece removes one or the opportunity to capture to the diagonals presents itself.

Can a pawn kill capture or checkmate a king in chess?

Yes, it can kill, or rather capture/checkmate a king in chess. A pawn can capture any other piece on the board. A king can be checkmated by any other piece on the board except by the other king.

In chess if you are able to capture a piece can you choose whether to take it or not?

You do not have to take someone's piece if you choose not to.

What is the most important piece in the game chess?

The most important is the king . The capture of the king is the goal of the game of chess .

Can king capture any other chess piece during the game?

The king may capture any piece other than the king itself .

What is touch capture in chess?

Touch move means that if you touch a piece and it has a legal move you must play it. Touch capture means that if you touch a piece of your opponent's and you can capture it you must do so.

What is the objective of chess?

The objective of chess is to checkmate the king, where the king is in check by a piece and it cannot block the check, move to another square, or capture the piece checking the king.

How can a king capture another piece in chess?

The king just moves onto it, same as any other capture. The difference is that the king cannot capture a piece or pawn protected by another piece or pawn, as this would place him in check (attacked, subject to capture).

How do you capture an opponent's pieces in chess?

A piece may be captured in chess if it is on a square one of your pieces can move to. You will not be able to move through a piece that may be captured, but you can move passed it with a knight. Also, the king cannot be captured; nor can it capture a piece under the protection of another.