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There are toe-touches or russians, left hurkey/hurdler, right hurkey/hurdler, left front, right front, and a pike

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Q: In cheerleading what are the parts of a jump?
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Who invented the first jump in cheerleading?

johnny Campbell invented the first jump in cheerleading

What was the first cheerleading jump?

toe touch

What is a leap in cheerleading?

you dont do leaps in cheerleading only in dance but maybe like a jump or something

What is the best surface for a cheerleading jump?

Mats, or a gymnastics floor-tumbling area.

How do you land lightly in cheerleading jumps?

You need to land on your toes during any jump

How is cheerleading organized?

there are 7 parts of cheerleading onpening at the begining stunts jumps motion drill running tumbling pyramid and dance

What do you nee to make a cheerleading routine?

Cheerleading has 5 parts, Cheer, jumps, dance, stunts, and tumbling. All star cheer does not have a cheer.

Where is the best place to learn how to do cheerleading?

Many gymnastics gyms have cheerleading classes where you can stunt, tumble, and jump. Your local community house or YMCA may also have cheer lessons to learn the basics.

How do you do a herky?

In cheerleading, a herky is a type of jump. To do one, you jump up with one leg bent toward the ground and one leg up in toe-touch to the side.

Who made cheerleading a sport?

Johnny Campell in 1898, then from there 1948 Lawrence "herkie" Herkimer in vented the jump herkie!

Do you think All-star cheerleading is a sport?

Absolutely! Not everybody can flip jump dance lift people up!

Ways to increase height of cheerleading jump toe touches hurdler pikeetc?

Splits and stretch every day