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Q: In car racing sports what does the 's' stands for in the HANS device?
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In car racing sports what does the 'S' stand for in the Hans device?

The S stands for support. HANS (Head and Neck Support).

What is the meaning of S in the car racing Hans?

SUPPORT - Hans stands for Head And Neck Support device

In a car racing sports what does the s stand for in the Hans device?


What does the S stand for in the Hans device in racing?

HANS stands for: Head and Neck Support.

What racing association considers the Hans device as an essential for safety in racing cars and motorcycles?

The National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) is the association that condiders the Hans device as an essential component for safety in racing cars and motorycycles.

What does Hans stand for?

In the field of auto racing, HANS stands for Head and Neck Support. It's a device fittied to drivers to help prevent whiplash or broken necks. It isolates that region of the body to prevent serious injury during a crash.

What has the author Hans Wolfgang Heidland written?

Hans Wolfgang Heidland has written: 'Der Geist des Sports' -- subject(s): Philosophy, Sports

How did Hans geiger contribute to the atomic theory?

Hans geiger invented a device that could detect alpha particles

What did Hans giger invent?

The Geiger counter was originally invented by Hans Geiger. The Geiger counter is a device that measures the relative radioactivity of a sample.

Who invented the the device for counting radiation?

Johannes ( Hans ) Willhelm Geiger and Walther Muller

What is geiger counter?

It is basically a device that will measure the amount of nuclear emission from particles, including beta particles and gamma rays, in the surrounding vicinity of the device. The original device was created in 1908 by Hans Geiger.

What has the author Karl-Hans Arndt written?

Karl-Hans Arndt has written: 'Achillessehnenruptur und Sport' -- subject(s): Achilles tendon, Sports injuries, Wounds and injuries

What tools are used in measuring radiation?

Geiger Counter, named after Hans Geiger, who developed the device in 1908.

Who invented the telescope accidentally?

Hans Lippershey is credited with inventing the earliest working telescope and applying for a patent for the device. These telescopes appeared in 1608.

What is the he best safety feature for preventing whipla?

The adjustable head rest in street cars. The Hans device in race cars.

Why was Dale Earnhardt Sr called Ironhead?

Dale Sr. was nicknamed 'Ironhead' due to his stubborn ways. When he first started dirt track racing, he wouldn't take advice from everyone. Unfortunately this way of thinking helped lead to his untimely death. Dale never wanted to wear head and neck restraints, because they were uncomfortable and restrictive. Wearing the HANS device is now mandatory in Nascar.

What sports shops are there in paderborn Germany?

Paderborn, Germany is a city in eastern Germany. There are a few sports shops in Paderborn. Some are Klingenthal, Pader Leter Park, Runners Point, Jack Wolfskin Store and Hans-Joachim Bremer.

How can you improve vehicle safety?

Install/ use the following:1. 5-point racing harness2. Racing seat3. Roll cage4. Harness Bar5. Race suit/ fire retardant suit6. HANS Neck Brace/ restraint7. Racing Helmet8. Install an under-the-seat fire extinguisher

What is a radioactive device that causes a speaker to click when a charged particle passes through it?

This device is called a Geiger Counter, or sometimes a Geiger-Muller counter, which measures alpha particle concentration. It was developed by Hans Geiger and Walther Muller in the early 1900's.

What writer is Copenhagen's Little Mermaid a memorial to?

It stands to reason that Copenhagen's Little Mermaid is a memorial to Hans Christian Andersen, author of The Little Mermaid and countless other tales for children.

Why did Nikola Tesla invent the telegraph?

Tesla did not think like that. The telegraph was based on Hans Christian Oersted's discovery in 1819 that a wire will hold a current but Tesla was a wireless device thinker.

What caused Dale Earnhardt Sr's death?

Dale Sr's cause of death was a basilar skull fracture. Senior never wore a HANS device, which probably would have saved his life on that day.

When was Hans Raj Hans born?

Hans Raj Hans was born on 1952-04-23.

Who was the last driver to lose his life during a NASCAR race?

The last driver to lose his life in a NASCAR race was Dale Earnhardt Sr. Since that time they have improved safety with safer barriers and the HANS device.

What nicknames did Hans Albers go by?

Hans Albers went by Hans Dampf in allen Gassen, Hanne, and Der blonde Hans.