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roll with the punch= step back while being hit. this would increase the contact time of fist and face and therefore will decrease the force. however, if the person being hit steps forward into the punch this will be a fast jab with a decrease in contact time and therefore a huge force hence "knockouts" in boxing.


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When a boxer gets punched, the impulse provided by the boxer's jaw must counteract the momentum of the punch. When the boxer moves away from the punch, he increases the time of contact and reduces the force. When the boxer moves towards the punch, the time of contact is reduced and force is increased.

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Moving in the same direction as the fist reduces the relative speed between the body and the fist. If the fist is going 15 mph, and the body moves in the same direction of the fist at 5 mph it is like being hit by a fist only going 10 mph. The momentum the fist has is dependent on the relative velocity between the two objects. The lower the relative velocity, the lower the transfer of momentum; i.e. the weaker the punch feels.

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Q: In boxing why is it advantageous to roll with the punch?
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