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To score points or knock the opponent out.

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Q: In boxing why do they hit their opponents?
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When do you use muscular endurance in boxing?

Boxers need to have strong muscular endurance in their arms so they can provide force to hit their opponents for long amounts of time.

What do you do in boxing?

hit your opponent more than they hit you.

What is the biggest fact on Boxing Day?

Boxers are fighting their opponents in the ring in front of their fans or people who are cheering for them

How are rankings in boxing determined?

Number of wins and who you win against I think; both quality and quantity of opponents.

What year did the boxing day tsami hit?

2004 Is the year the boxing day tsunami hit Sri Lanka and the south of India

What is forbidden in Thai boxing?

In boxing it is illegal to hit below the waist, biting and kicking also not allowed.

What is the boxing popularity?

well taunting may lose or win you the crowd but showing respect to your opponents and the crown raises your popularity for sure

Information on 1930s boxing?

people hit people

When did the Boxing Day tsunami hit the Maldives?


Are there possible advancements in basketball?

Keep your arms at at your sides when boxing out instead of pushing and shoving opponents and referees confused at whom to call a foul on.

Muay thai boxing gloves?

Muay thai gloves palm is more open, which helps in grabbing the opponents neck in the clinch and catching kicks.

What technology popularized such sports as baseball and boxing?

WELL sterroids popularized baseball an people getin the $hit kicked out of them popularized boxing