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That's called scratch

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Q: In bowling what does using your actual scores instead of handicaps?
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What is the mean absolute deviation of the bowling scores?

This question cannot be answered unless the bowling scores are provided.

Who scores a 41 in bowling?

seriously? alma.. :)

Are bowling scores and golf scores positive or negative correlations?

Bowling scores would be a positive correlation because the higher the score, the better the game. Golf scores would be negative correlations because the higher the score, the worse you are playing.

Where can you find the 1992 sanction abc bowling scores?

The sanctioned ABC 300 games or 800 series scores bowled can be found at the USBC International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame in Arlington, TX.

What colleges accept advanced placement scores instead of sat?

No colleges accept AP scores instead of SAT scores. This is because the tests do not measure the same things.The SAT measures the likelihood that a student will do well in college, but is not accepted as college credit. The AP is used to provide actual college credit, but does not predict college success.

Given that Evelina's bowling scores were 133 155 176 and 132 find her average score The rule for calculating the average of a set of scores is Average Score equals Sum of Scores Number of Scores?


When should a player record their and their competitor's scores on the scorecard?

probably in the sport bowling you would have to

How do you record a pacer in bowling?

Normally pacer scores are not counted or are specially marked in league software using a P with CDE Software's Bowling League Secretary software.

Bowling ball with a wide sweeping arc is called?

That's called a hook. Developing a good one is essential to getting the best scores, and the most fun from bowling.

What ACT scores are required to get into Bowling Green University?

Just spoke with admissions.ACT = 20 or higher.GPA 2.5 or better

What so Lamar's bowling scores are 124150 and 161 during league competition. if Lamar's previous bowling average was 129 then how much higher was average for these three games?

16 points higher.

In soccer scoring what are the numbers in parenthesis beside the actual score?

The scores at halftime.

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