In basketball what is series?

Updated: 12/5/2022
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Q: In basketball what is series?
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Are the Kentucky Wildcats in the 2012 World Series?

No. They are not. The Kentucky WildCats are NCAA Basketball. The World Series is in Baseball.

Which Sport has the same series for men and women?

pro basketball, and soccer

Has any basketball team won series after being three down?


What is the bedlam basketball record?

oklahoma leads the series 127-93

Which the most winner duke or Notre Dame college basketball?

duke or notre dame college basketball most win series??

What is the record of Indiana University basketball versus Purdue Basketball.?

as of feb 8 2011 purdue leads the all time series 110-84

Who leds in wins in UNC and Duke basketball series?

North Carolina leads the all-time series 129-97.

What is the series record between Ohio State vs Wisconsin basketball?

87-76 ohio

How many world series does the Phoenix Suns have?

none the suns are a basketball team The diamondbacks have one

Who leads the All-Time Kentucky vs Louisville Series in Basketball?

kentucky 28 louisville 14

West Virginia's basketball all time series record against North Carolina?


What is Tennessee basketball's head to head record vs vanderbilt basketball?

The University of Tennessee Volunteers and the Vanderbilt Commodores are not only SEC rivals but also in-state rivals. Tennessee leads the all-time men's basketball series with Vandy 114-71.