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A jump shot

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Q: In basketball what is a j?
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When was E. J. Harrison - basketball - born?

E. J. Harrison - basketball - was born in 1976.

In basketball what is a dunk?

a dunk is when a basketball player j's the ball

Basketball teams in the American league?

j fcvasdbvk j fcvasdbvk

Division1 basketball all time scorer?

J. J. Redick

Who is the basketball scoring leader all time in Mississippi?

J. J. Redick

What has the author Charles J Hess written?

Charles J. Hess has written: 'A comparison of factors coaches and players consider important in basketball recruiting' -- subject(s): African American basketball players, Attitudes, Basketball, Basketball coaches, Basketball players, College athletes, Psychological aspects, Psychological aspects of Basketball, Recruiting

Who is the best acc college basketball player in 2004?

To answer your question it was my man J J Redick!

What are the terms in basketball?

Here are some commonly used terms: traveling-when a person "travels", or walks, with the basketball. j-jump shot. As in, "He hit the j!"

Who is the African American that was the basketball pioneer?

Dr J

Does Thomas j dygard write only basketball books?


Who is the basketball player in the crown royal commercial?

Dr. J.

What words starting with j can describe a basketball player?


Did J cole the rapper play basketball for St Johns?

No, J. Cole never played ball for any college.

What is the basketball player Dr J's real name?

Julius Irving

What is latrell j 46 favorite basketball player?

Kobe Bryant

What was Michael j fox basketball movie?

Teen Wolf

What is dr J's real name?

If you mean the basketball player it is Julius Erving.

Coach of 1989 Seton Hall basketball team?

P. J. Carlesimo

Who is the leading three point shooter in Indiana University Basketball History?

a j guyton

What coach did basketball player laterell sperell attack in 1997?

P. J. Carlesimo

What has the author Harley J Redin written?

Harley J. Redin has written: 'The Queens fly high' -- subject(s): Basketball for women

How did Julius Erving get the nickname Dr J?

Because he has a Phd in basketball; because of the way he operates.

Whose nicknamed dr j and played basketball for New York nets?

Juilus Erving

Which athlete who started the revolution of playing basketball above the rim was known as Dr J?

Julius Erving, "Dr. J", who started the revolution of playing basketball above the rim, retired at age 37 having scored more than 30,000 points in his combined ABA and NBA career.

Who is the greatest basketball player?

T-bird and J-bird, fa dizzle!Michael Jordan