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It stands for Shooting Guard :)

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Q: In basketball what does SG stand for?
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What does sg stand for in the state of basketball?

SG stands for Shooting Guard.

What does Sg stand for in the periodic table?


In the periodic table what does sg stand for?


What does SG stand for in rocks and minerals?

Specific Gravity

What does SG stand for in soccer stats?

Shots on goal.

What is a sg in basketball?

Well, a sg is short for Shooting Guard. He is the guy who is on the wing beside the point guard, and shoots often, (hence Shooting Guard)

What does NBA stand for in basketball?

national basketball association

What are the ratings and certificates for Stargate SG-1 - 1997 Last Stand 5-16?

Stargate SG-1 - 1997 Last Stand 5-16 is rated/received certificates of: Argentina:13

What is the official height for a basketball stand?

The official height for an NBA basketball hoop/stand is 10 feet.

What does bpi stand for in college basketball?

Basketball Power Index

What position does James kirksey play in basketball?

PG,SG, & SF. He can do it all what can I say he's great!

How many guards are on a basketball court at once?

2 a point guard or PG and a shooting guard or SG.

What does P.F. stand for in basketball?

In basketball, P.F. stands for power forward.

Did NBA stand for basketball association?

It stands for National Basketball Association.

What does STL stand for in basketball?


What does TO stand for in basketball?

TO stands for Turnover.

What does st stand for in basketball?


What does conf stand for in basketball?


What does c stand for in basketball?


What does EFF stand for in basketball?


Where should you stand in basketball?

on your head.

How do you set up an older type huffy portable basketball stand?

information on how to set up a huffy basketball stand

What is BS in basketball?

BS is a statistic measure in basketball and stand for Block Shots

What does sg stand for?

The Gibson SG was Gibson's first solid body guitar and was infact originally called the Gibson Les Paul. Later Gibson made was is now refered to as the Les Paul and the original was renamed the Gibson SG. SG stands for "Solid Guitar" because it was their first solid body guitar.

What does GOAT stand for in basketball?

Get Off And Train