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Bang The Boards

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Q: In basketball what's slang for aggressively going after a rebound?
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Is cookies a slang word for a stolen basketball?

yes it is a slang word for a stolen basketball

What is the slang word for basketball?

Slang words for basketball include b-ball and "the rock."

What is slang for a basketball?

b ball

What is a slang word for a basketball player?


What is a slang word for basketball court?

the hardwood

Can anyone spot you a 'dime' in basketball?

Yes, a dime is a slang term for an assist in basketball.

Is cookies a slang word for stolen basketball?


What is slang word for basketball?

The rock as in, "pass me the rock."

How do you spell bonce?

The word bonce is a British slang word for "head" (comparable to US slang noggin, noodle, bean).It may also be BOUNCE - to rebound or ricochet.

What is slang for a basketball hoop?

umm.... the bucket? the hole? basket?

What is it called when the ball bounces off backbord or the rim?

Rebound It's called a "brick" (slang) if the shot was a poor one.

What does going number two mean-slang?

It is slang for bowel movement

What does cba stand for?

College Basketball Association. Or Can't Be Asked ( In Slang.)

What is the basketball slang term for the free throw line?

Charity stripe.

What is the meaning of words going to want to etc?

Gonna is the slang word for going to. Wanna is the slang word for want to.

What part of speech is going to?


What is slang for What is going on?

Wat's 'Appenin

Is going toa real word?

no it's slang for going

What is slang for a 3 point shot in basketball?

its called the urban dictionary jackass

What is a slang term used to predict the field of the NCAA Basketball Championship?


What is slang for three point basket in basketball?

a trae (pronounced like tray)

What is the slang term for someone you get with to forget someone else?

I would call it a rebound. "The best way to get over one girl is to get under another"

What is a balla?

A balla is a slang term for a superior ball player, usually a superior basketball player.

What is a synonym for basketball?

There is no real synonym for the game. Some slang terms are B-ball or hoops.

Is can't a slang word?

Can't is not a slang word. It is a conjuction because you combine can and not which creates can't. Slang Example: gonna-going to Conjunction Example: won't-will not