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There is nothing wrong with dribbling the ball over your head, even though you should dribble from the floor to your waist for proper dribbling. As long as you don't necessarily carry the ball, or put your hand under it to move the ball, it is not considered a carry.

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Q: In basketball is a high dribble over your head a carry?
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When do you use a high dribble in basketball?

You should never use a high dribble. As soon as you dribble high, your defender has an excellent chance of stealing the ball.

How high does one dribble a basketball?

by moving your hand up and down on the basketball

How many newtons to dribble a basketball?

It depends, like how inflated the ball, how high you dribble, etc.

How high do you dribble a basketball?

usually if you have a coach they will tell you to dribble it but only up to your waist and always bend your knees

Does the surface on which you dribble a basketball affect the basketballs bounce?

Yes, of course. For example, if you dribble it on carpet it wouldn't go as high than on pavement.

What is the highest you want to dribble the basketball?

i think about waist height, but that's pretty high. Just above knee height

Why is bad to have to much air pressure in a basketball?

The ball will dribble to high and out of control and if it hits rim or backboard It could bounce off

Can you dribble basketball after opponent touches it?

Yes. According to NBA, NCAA, and High School Rules, if the dribble is stopped, and you hold onto the ball, you can begin to dribble again once an opposing player makes any contact with the ball in your hands. This includes but is not limited to attempting to strip or knock away the ball from your possession. Even if you retain possession, you are free to dribble again.

What are some basketball songs?

Basketball-by Lil Bow Wow Get Your Head in The Game-High School Musical

How high are the basketball rings?

how high are the basketball rings? how high are the basketball rings? how high are the basketball rings?

Can you take a step without a dribble?

Yes, you can^Uh no..Stepping Before DribblingA player who receives a pass from a teammate and starts running without dribbling is performing an illegal move. The player must dribble before he moves on the court with the ball, or else the referee will cite him for traveling. At the professional level, National Basketball Association referees seem to let players take a step before the dribble, but this should not happen in college, high school or youth basketball.

How high will a basketball bounce when dropped from above your head if it has 5 pounds of pressure?

It depends on your height.

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