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Usually it is the assist only counts if one dribble or none is taken however the rules change when a player passes to another player on the fast break. They will often be rewarded with an assist if they take two or more dribbles.

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Q: In basketball if a player passes to another player and that player dribbles and then scores does the player that passed him the ball still get an assist?
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In high school basketball does a player get credited with an assist if the person passed to dribbles the ball before they shoot?

No. The assist isn't counted because an assist is though of as a fast pass then a score. If a player dribbles then there is no assist counted

At what point does a pass no longer count as an assist in a basketball game?

When the player that receives the pass dribbles the ball. If the player receiving the ball makes a jump shot without dribbling or drives the basket and makes the shot without dribbling an assist is awarded. Actully no, an assist counts if the playr that got th bal passed to scores in less then 2 seconds. Not when he dribbles. Thats not true. You get 3 seconds 2 score. And the player passing th ball gets the assist

What is the definition of assist?

To help someone out. An assist in basketball is a pass to a teammate that directly leads to a field goal by the player the ball was passed to.

What is pointing finger in basketball?

Generally when a player scores a basket he points to the person who passed him the ball. It is a way to acknowledge an assist and helps in team building.

What is a sentence of assist?

An assist is when someone contributed to a basket made by the player they passed the ball to.

How does a player get an assist in hockey?

A person is credited with an assist when it is passed to a person who scores a goal. A maximum of two people can have an assist per goal. ----

What are the 3 options when passed a ball in basketball?

Shoot,dribble or pass

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Probably Guard or Point Guard. Usually the point guard makes things happen. (An assist) That is where the point guard calls out a play, and the guard gets the ball passed to him/her, they either shoot it and make the play or pass it to the posts. Am i making sence?!

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