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yes but if you got the ball from your teammate and you dribbled the ball then stopped without dribbling the ball you cant dribble when you stop or else that is a travel

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Q: In basketball can you begin dribbling if you are on the ground and stand up?
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Difference between volleyball and basketball?

volleyball and basketball are different in many ways. in volleyball, you have to keep the ball from hitting the ground. however in basketball, you have to kepp dribbling the ball. in volleyball, you usually stand in one place, but in basketball you continually move going after the ball..etc.

What is the height of a profesional basketball net and stand?

The rim for a basketball court is positioned exactly 10 feet off the ground.

How long of the ring basketball court from ground to stand?

This question doesn't make sense.

When installing a basketball stand how high from the ground should it be?

the nba height of a basketball hoop is 10 feet. ones at houses are 9.5 feet.

How tall is a basketball hoop in meters?

A regulation basketball hoop stand 10 feet off the ground. If you convert this to the metric system it equals a height of 3.048 meters.

How do you shoot a baskeball?

The easiest way is to take the basketball to an approved area for shooting. Place the basketball on a raised platform. Stand back at least 15 feet and begin firing at it.

What does NBA stand for in basketball?

national basketball association

What is the official height for a basketball stand?

The official height for an NBA basketball hoop/stand is 10 feet.

What does bpi stand for in college basketball?

Basketball Power Index

What does 'stand on your ground' mean?

stand your ground means stand your ground and fight dont fear anything and just fight!!!

What does P.F. stand for in basketball?

In basketball, P.F. stands for power forward.

Did NBA stand for basketball association?

It stands for National Basketball Association.

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