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Ofcourse but be careful not to slap the face or hit it hard my opinion dont touch it at all cause your offensive opponent might fake into looking like you hit him which will result into a foul

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Q: In basketball can a defensive player wave his hand in the face of an offensive player?
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Does the player face their basketball hoop when jumping for the ball?

yes when jumping for a basketball the team player jumping faces their basketball hoop..

Is it a legal play for an offensive player to stiff arm a defensive player on their helmet or face mask?

Yes it is. Some may claim that it is a offensive foul, but one can 'stiff arm' the defender to a certain degree. The refs will call it if the 'stiff arm' was somehow unfair or too much.

What are some rules of hockey?

you cant hold the puck (unless your the goaltender)no high sticking (above the waist)no cross checking (hitting them in the numbers)no tripping etc. stuff like that...icing: when the defensive team hits the puck into the offensive teams end from behind the center line and it goes past the offensive teams goal line. If the defensive player touches the puck first, play goes on and if the offensive player touches it first they then call icing which means that they offensive team gets to switch their players but the defensive team does not and they have to bring the puck back to the defensive side and have a face off there.Off-side: when the offensive team is carrying the puck into the opponents zone but a player crosses the blue line before the puck does. They then stop the play and they have a face off.If a player is on a break away and is tripped up by another player on the other team they get a penalty shot.Two line pass: When a player passes the puck from his defending zone to a teammate beyond the red center line.hope that helps:)

What happens if a basketball player swears at the referee whilst walking to the bench?

The referee has the right to smack that player in the face

Who broke their face in basketball?

not me ^_^

What is the nature of basketball game?

The nature of a basketball is the wind and you :) your face!

Is there icing in hockey?

In ice hockey, icing is called when the puck is shot into the team's offensive zone and crosses both the center line and goal line (but the puck does not enter the net) without toughing a player or their stick. This results in a face-off in the team's defensive zone.

How many yards OS a penalty if a defensive man purposely grabs an offensive man by the face mask and brings him down?

The penalty is 15 yards if the referees think the face mask was grabbed intentionally and 5 yards if they think it was incidental.

What famous basketball player always rubbed his face before making a free shot?

Karl Malone Jeff Hornacek

Position of hunted animal that turns to face hunter?

Defensive posture.

What is the penalty if a hockey player goes into the defensive zone ahead of the puck?

Offsides, resulting in a face off taking place outside of the previous attack zone.

What did the confederates face in the Battle of Gettysburg?

A large Union force in a superior defensive position…

What joints are used for basketball?

your face is used to deflect the ball

What kind of reaction is washing your hands and face?

Washing your hands and face is a defensive reaction. it help defend your body against infection by pathogens.

Is face guarding legal in basketball?

no its not as long as there is not any illegal contact

What percent of Americans watch or play basketball?

Watching basketball involves your eyes and a tv playing reqires a face and your mo

Are there any other uses for a basketball other than playing basketball?

yep. hitting somebody in the face with it, or traveling, or shooting.

What is face garding in lacrosse?

"Face guarding" is a defensive strategy often used by upper-level lacrosse teams that scout their opposition. The general concept is to identify the opposing team's best player (i.e. their highest scorer, or playmaker) and then assign a player to guard them as heavily as possible, to ensure that he or she doesn't touch the ball to exacerbate and take advantage of the other teams reliance on that player

What are the basketball disadvantages?

injuries to the face, hand, legs, ankle, shoulder, and feet.

What kind of helmet do offensive lineman usually wear?

they wear Riddell Revolution and get the face mask with alot of bars or the face mask with a bar going through the middle of the face mask like the raiders offensive lineman Robert Gallery

Who is the richest nba player of all time?

Michael JordanAlthough retired, Michael Jordan comes in as the richest basketball player ever, earning an estimated $45 million each year. In addition to being the face of Nike, with his brand topping $1 billion annually, the basketball legend is also part owner of the Charlotte Bobcats.

How does the stance of a basketball player affect the basketball shot?

It can affect the shot's accuracy. If you are unbalanced, your shot will most likely not be straight, unless you anticipate the shot. You have the most control over the ball in your shooting stance. I prefer to face the basket with one foot slightly ahead of the other.

How do you get back at a player?

Spike it at their face.

Can you give me a sentence with the word sport?

You could tell by the child's face that basketball was his favorite sport.

What do you receive when sent off a basketball court?

A towel to wipe your face and a bottle of water to drink