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second base

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Q: In baseball when the catcher says coming down to the infield where does the baseball get thrown to?
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Why is the first baseman always thrown a baseball at the end of an inning?

That ball is used by the first baseman to warm up the infield before the next inning. Instead of the first baseman hunting down a ball in the dugout to take out and warm up the infield he is thrown one as he runs off the field. It stays in his glove and he will have it when it is time to go back on the field and play defense.

What are some nouns about a baseball?

It is a ballIt is made of leatherIt has red stitchingIt is thrown by the pitcherIt is hit by the batterIt is caught by the catcher

What are softball bases made of?

Most softball bases today are made out of rubber. They do have a metal bottom that allows the base to stay where it is supposed to be. There are throw-down bases that are made out of foam and can be thrown down anywhere.

What is the job of the catcher on a baseball team?

The catcher is the position of the man who sits behind home-plate. He wears gear consisting of a cup, chest guard, mask, and leg protectors. The catcher also has a specific type of mitt made just for catching. The main role of the catcher is to call the pitches the pitcher should throw and catch them once they have been thrown. For example, is the catcher gives the number 2 and points to the side, that is a signal for the pitcher to throw a two-seam fastball and to have it off to the selected side (those signals do vary by team). I hope this helps. Any other questions related to baseball, just ask.

When thrown by the same person which can be thrown farther a baseball or a softball?

A baseball can

What is it called when a pitch that is to poorly thrown cant be handled by the catcher?

foul ball

Is a wild pitch an error?

No, a wild pitch is a wild pitch -- it is considered a mistake charged to the pitcher. An "error" in baseball is a fielding mistake. A pitcher can make an "error" but only on a batted or thrown ball.

How Can a baseball player run towards first base after he strikes out?

if the player strikes out and the catcher drops the ball, the player tries to beat the catcher's throw to first base. If he reaches first before being tagged or thrown out at first, he is awarded first base.

Why does a baseball catcher's mitt have more padding than a conventional glove?

because the catcher is having a baseball thrown over and over and over into his mitt at around 85 mph, and there has to be a lot of padding to cushion that blow. or else it will break his hand. fast.

Does an infield groundball out with an rbi count as an at bat?

Yes, only things that don't count as at bats are walks, hbp or if a baserunner gets thrown out before your at bat is completed.

Fastest thrown baseball thrown by a quarterback?

jakob lee Jones

How do you make an infield error?

wild pitch ...over thrown ball to a base ...under thrown ball to a base ...ball hit thur the infielder legs ...throwing to the wrong base ...infielder drops a fly ball ...balk ( not sure if that scored and error)