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Q: In baseball stats what is a backword k stand for?
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What does kc stand for in baseball stats?

It could mean a strike out by a called third strike, but that is usually signified by a reverse K.

What does k stand for in baseball?


What does K(I) stand for in baseball statistics?


What does the symbol K stand for?

It stands for a strike out in baseball

What does k stand for in a baseball box score?

k stands for strikeout looking K stands for strikeout swinging

When keeping score in baseball what does the backwards k stand for?

Called third strike.

In baseball what does a backward k stand for?

It means strikeout looking as opposed to strikeout swinging.

Why does a 'K' stand for strike in baseball?

because the word ''strikeout"does not fit on a scorecard.symbols are used for all baseball notation when scoring a game.

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what does K stand for in K( , K 12 and K 14 pipes and fittings

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The K stands for Kinetochore.

In baseball what does SO stand for?

shut out Its a Strikeout SO - Strikeout, SHO - Shutout K - Strikeout, SO - Shut out

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It is the main number

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ku klux klan

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The Kรถchel catalogue. K stands for Kรถchel catalogue

Why is the K reversed in baseball?

A K in baseball is shorthand for a strikeout.

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Chrysler called that the "k" body style.

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