In baseball slang what is a pickle?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Pickle is another name for a rundown, when a runner is caught between two bases. He is in a pickle.

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Player In A Rundown Between Bases

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Q: In baseball slang what is a pickle?
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What is a stink pickle?

That is slang for fecal matter.

What does in a pickle mean?

It is a slang term for a bad or troublesome situation. The expression is "left (someone) in a pickle" and it means that they have been left in a bad situation, or a situation that will be difficult to resolve. Examples could be: The robbers used his car in the robbery, which left him in a pickle. Santa was left in a pickle when the elves went on strike in November.

What is sousier?

Souse (verb) to steep,soak or pickle in vinegar or white wine. Soused (adjective) a slang term for drunk so sousier more drunk.

Where to buy popsicle stick bridge?

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Can you pickle a pickled pickle?

Surprisingly yes you can pickle a pickle but when you do that the pickle doesn't taste very good anymore.

Who is da pickle?

Da pickle is da pickle.

What is the difference between a pickle and a pickle?

A pickle is a marinated cucumber. To be in a pickle is to be in a jam, in a problem situation.

What is the slang word for a hitless baseball game?

No hitter

What baseball slang refers to an outfielders outstanding throwing arm?

He has a gun of an arm, so "gun" is the slang word.

In baseball slang what is a 'Cup of Coffee'?

The answer to the question what a ' Cup of Coffee' is in baseball slang is, it is a terminology for a short time spent by a minor league player at major league level.

You can be in a pickle or in a?

You can be in a pickle or in a jam

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