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Only if the ball is inside the glove

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Q: In baseball is a player out if he is tagged by glove and not the ball?
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What happens when a baseball player catches a ball and drops the glove with the ball in the glove?

The player must have control of the ball in the glove. If the glove comes off before he completes the catch, it is not an out. The glove is considered part of the fielder's hand and he must have his hand in the glove.

What is the equipment for a baseball player?

a bat a helmet a glove and a ball

Is the runner out if the fielder touches him with his body and not the ball?

No, he must be tagged with the ball, either while still in the glove or with the ball. He can't just be touched with the glove without the ball in it either.

In baseball if a ball is hit to first base and the first baseman grabs the ball in one hand and then touches the base with his glove on the hand that does not hold the ball is the runner out?

YES! Because it is a FORCE out and not a TAGGED out.

Is a runner out if a fielder has the ball in his hand and touches the base with his glove?

If the play at the base is a force out, yes. MLB rules state that a player must have complete control of the ball with the glove or bare hand for an out to be recorded. Control of the ball with the hand or glove and contract with the base is what is needed to make a force out. The rule is different, however, if the play is a tag play instead of a force out. In that case, if the fielder had the ball in his hand and tagged the runner with the glove, the runner would be safe. On tag plays the runner must be tagged with the ball or with the glove that is securely holding the ball.

Player throws his glove at a baseball does not hit ball?

Nothing happens but it reflects poorly on the player throwing the glove. If he does hit the ball with his glove a dead ball is called and the runners advance two bases and the fielder is charged with an error.

Last inning Redmond got tagged with the glove and not the ball?

It doesn't matter. He's still out.

What is a pro flare ball glove?

a baseball glove

Are you out when tagged by hand?

Only if the ball is in the position player's hand.

Name something you might ask your favorite baseball player to autograph?

ball jersey baseball card baseball cap picture glove

What do you need to become a baseball player?

well all you'll need is a bat ball and glove and practice

What is a permeable?

a baseball glove that is catching a ball

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